How does a whimsical gift and home wares brand attract customers to their flagship retail environment? How can a wide range of products be displayed effectively in a retail space?


We created a flexible retail environment which allows customers to flow through the space effortlessly whilst viewing a wide range of products.

The approach

We began the project with a feasibility study for two potential sites within the Melbourne CBD. Site visits and discovery sessions were held with the client to understand their needs, who their customers are, practical requirements for the space, budget and timeframe. The outcome of this study established the location, budget, and design brief.


The design consists of three main components: a long curving wall of shelving along the left wall, a pegboard with over-sized dowels along the right wall and a large ‘roof’ structure at the front of the store.

The combination of shelving and pegboards provide a variety of methods for displaying Monsterthreads’ large range of products.

Design Development

Once the concept was established, the design was developed taking in to consideration the existing conditions, circulation and customer experience, practical requirements such as storage and lighting, the client’s budget, and time frame.