How does an architect test out new ideas and concepts without their own workshop?


We prototype ideas, build proof of concepts, and manufacture one-off designs for architects and creatives in the industry; helping them take their ideas from concept to reality.

Warrnambool Art Gallery

Designed by Claire Scorpo architects, the interior design concept for the Warrnambool art gallery gift shop includes a shelving unit, a peg wall, and a large table.

Our role was manufacturing and installing the custom furniture pieces. We also provided advice for design adjustments to reduce the overall cost to suit the client’s budget whilst retaining the integrity of the original design concept.

The biggest challenge was detailing the feature table; a complex assembly made up of a steel tripod base, a waffle structure, and a timber top.

Warrnambool is famous for their streets lined with Norfolk Island pines planted in various numbers between 1852 – 1903. The client was adamant about using Norfolk pine for their table. After a long and arduous search which included looking interstate for suppliers of air-dried timber, we were able to source the timber from two trees that had just been cut down at the local police station.

We personally got a chance to mill the timber, and Claire Scorpo and her team organised for a local timber kiln to dry the timber. Norfolk Island pine is characterized by their large, red knots and are much paler overall when compared to radiata pine.

Bonnier Publishing

As part of Bonnier Publishing’s new office designed by Claire Scorpo Architects, we were tasked with manufacturing a custom logo insert for the curved reception counter.

The logo insert consists of 141 vertical fins with milled recesses that form individual letters. We prototyped, developed, and detailed the structure for positioning and securing the vertical fins and delivered the project within a tight schedule.

Pho Real

Light consulting for Pho Real in Shanghai, designed by Studio 1:1.

We filled the ceiling with wicker baskets with lighting from above filtering through and contributing to the depth of light and shadow in the space below.